Southern Style Ultimate Bacon Potato Salad

You Will Need

9 Potatoes

2 Cups Water 

2 cups Mayonnaise Salad Dressing
1 1/2 cup dill pickles
1 pound bacon
1 Medium Onion
6 Hard-Boiled eggs
Season Salt (or salt and pepper)


This is the creamiest, richest potato salad you will ever try. I get nothing but raves every time I make this. In fact, everyone I know always ask me to bring it when we have get together's. It's great for BBQ's, tail gating, even the Superbowl! Wings and potato salad Yum!~ You can make this potato salad with Yukon golds, Reds or even Russet and they all work great (trust me I've tried this recipe with every potato, they work wonderfully.)

Instant Pot Potato Salad Directions

Stove Top Directions Below

Start by dicing bacon into bite-sized pieces, turn your saute on, and brown your bacon. When your bacon is finished move to another dish and set aside Peel and dice potatoes. Put them in your steamer basket, and pour enough water into your instant pot to cover potatoes, lay 6 eggs on top. (more if you want to layer the top with eggs) Place your steamer basket into your instant pot and put the lid on, make sure you are on sealing and not venting and press manual for 10 minutes. When done, instant release, wait till your pin goes down, open your lid and remove potatoes and eggs. 

Peel eggs and dice, then get your food processor out and pulse onions and pickles until small but bite size (about 5 or 6 pulses)

Add all to a bowl and add Mayonnaise

Stir to combine, when you get it all mixed up, take a whisk and chop about 8 times into your potato salad (you want small bite-size potatoes and this also makes the potatoes creamy.

(you just don't want mashed potatoes so don't overdo it )

If laying eggs on top slice and place then sprinkle season salt (OR) salt and pepper on top YUM~ Enjoy!

Note: Refrigerate for a few hours to get cold,

if you like it warm eat right away 

Should you make potato salad the night before?

When possible, make potato salad the day before you plan to serve it. However, if you don't have time to make it a day ahead, refrigerate the potato salad for as long as possible before you plan to serve it.


Stove Top Potato Salad Directions:

1. Add potatoes to large pot and eggs to boil with potatoes, Cover with water. Bring the water to a boil then reduce to a low simmer. Cook 15 to 20 minutes or until easily pierced with a fork.

2.  Set up an ice bath. Add cold water to a medium bowl filled with ice. Drain the potatoes and add to the ice bath. When cool, peel potatoes Cut peeled potatoes into bite-size chunks then add to a large bowl.

3.Fry Bacon and dice into bite sized pieces. 

When eggs are cool, dice into bite sized pieces. (Don't go to small though.) toss in with potatoes. In a processor (or by hand) dice cooked bacon, onion, and dill pickles (all into bite-sized pieces) Pulse until it looks like a chunky relish. (not to small though) Add to your potatoes along with the rest of the ingredients. 

4. Mix all ingredients together well.  I normally use a potato masher and mash about 8 times up and down motion (just to break up larger potatoes.) and make it more bite sized.

5. Season the top with a season salt to taste.

How-To Video

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